Break the Debt Cycle in 3 Simple Steps

   "Personal financial management on your terms!"



Goal-Oriented” perfectly describes author Zebert “Lee” Brown. And that’s the objective he attempts to convey to those struggling to get out of debt and reach their own financial goals through his new book, “Break the Debt Cycle in 3 Simple Steps.”

Lee’s professional career started in the military when he joined the Navy in 1984 attaining the rank of Petty First Class (E-6). During his 15 year naval career, Lee served in several vital administrative roles in a various departments from Travel to Public Relations to Security. One position where Lee held the highest level of success was as a Career Services Counselor, where he aided department personnel in attaining their personal career goals.  Lee was hands-on, scheduling monthly counseling sessions for assigned personnel and tracking all aspects of their career progression.  During his time in this position, Lee achieved an 80% retention rate – the highest percentile of any Career Service Counselor at his command during his time in the service.

From his illustrious military career to his current professional work in the field of public health, Lee continues to demonstrate his strengths - analytical, insightful and decisive - making him an asset often sought out by his peers and superiors for his sound, professional administrative advice.

Lee has also applied his analytical skills to his own financial life, working the very steps outlined in his book, “Break the Debt Cycle in 3 Simple Steps,” in order to secure financial freedom for himself and his family. His personal mission is to help others reach their financial goals by speaking to groups and individuals alike, sharing his vision for personal economic prosperity for all.

Lee resides in Huntsville, AL with is wife, Tami, and their five children.

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